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About the GIVE project Geschreven op 26 Feb 2024
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Totindetail.be is a treasure trove for readers, listeners and viewers alike. With podcasts, long reads and a vast selection of digitised content from the GIVE project, there’s something for everyone. And that’s not all. The digitised material will now also be making its way to our partners’ websites and platforms, as well as to other meemoo platforms. Leading the way is artinflanders.be, where dozens of the digitised masterpieces are already available, nestled among over 22,000 images of art, heritage and masterpieces that were already there!

Masterpieces from the GIVE project

Beyond digitising newspapers and photographing glass plates, we’ve also captured dozens of masterpieces in the GIVE project. All these masterpieces have been recognised as ‘rare and indispensable’ within the Flemish art and heritage landscape – a status that ensures they will remain in Flanders and gives them extra protection.

Many of the works on the Flemish List of Masterpieces are still lacking high-quality digital copies, however. Couple this with the fact that many of them are not easily or freely accessible to the general public, and the need for digital images becomes clear.

Artinflanders.be, a home for digitised art, heritage and masterpieces

Artinflanders.be is an established website for viewing and downloading high-resolution images of art, heritage and masterpieces. You can currently find around 950 images of masterpieces there, the vast majority of which you can download for free for professional or private use.

The first images of masterpieces from the GIVE project have now also been added, with more to follow in the coming months – lots of organisations involved in the GIVE project have already signed agreements to share content on artinflanders.be to make this possible.
Here are some of these partners’ images and masterpieces: