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A double award for the GIVE-project

About the GIVE project Geschreven op 15 Dec 2023
Agoria 2

Oh boy, we’re proud! The GIVE-project has won awards for the second time this year. On thursday the 7th of december meemoo, Flemish institute for the archive, won no less than two Agoria awards! The Coordinated Initiative for Flemish Heritage Digitisation (GIVE) was chosen as the most innovative project. And as a cherry on top, it also won the prestigious award for best eGov project. It’s a beautiful way to finish up two years of collaboration, digitisation, metadata enrichment and a lot more.

Meemoo joined forces with more than 175 partners for two years to make a mass of heritage content more easily accessible, searchable and reusable through digitisation and metadata enrichment. More people will eventually find their way to our Flemish heritage in digital form and with additional descriptions.


The fact that it won two Digital Society Awards nicely highlights the value and innovative side of this large-scale initiative. But collaboration was also a crucial factor. Digitisation manager at meemoo, Loes Nijsmans, explains this in poignant words:

"I would very much like to thank all the partners, because without them this would not have been possible. There are 175 of them – that's not just a few – from the industrial sector, but also from the heritage, culture, IT and so on. Without them, this simply would not have been possible."