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Heritage through the eyes of children

Inspiring heritage Geschreven op 14 Dec 2023
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From unbiased toddlers to critical art students, dozens of students unleashed their creativity on the digitized art in the GIVE-project. Drawing away, cutting, pasting, painting, printing and colouring. The result? Elated children, inspired youngsters, driven teachers and lot of small, surprising works of art.

Wednesday the 25th of October, a group of kids at the elementary school Het Avontuur in Berchem started to work with the heritage objects that were digitized during the GIVE-project. The young students zoomed in on unique details and created baffling visual and textual reflections. From an eye-catching pattern, to a secret message and a striking element, everything was taken up in their whirlwind of creativity!

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Inspiring heritage

Colourful beguines

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